Solo Gobi Winter Crossing 2017/18
Mongolia – Gobi Desert

Mongolia – Gobi Desert

News Update: Newall leaves for Mongolia on the 5th of November

This winter Newall will set off on an attempt to trek solo and unsupported across the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. It is believed no-one has previously attempted this more than 1800km crossing in winter, and only a few have crossed it solo in summer.

Newall will head out into the Gobi desert pulling all of his 150kg of supplies and equipment on a cart and facing temperatures as low as -40C for up to 90 days, but his biggest challenge will be finding water.

The planned route for the attempt is from Bulgan in Khovd province on the western border of Mongolia, following a Southerly path to Sainshand in the East.

Gobi Winter Crossing Planned Route

Newall has already recce’d this route on a cycle in September to try and identify the available water sources – wells, rivers and springs.

He worked with the local nomads in the desert who showed him where water could could be found in the winter. A water source is needed every 3 to 4 days as any more than 4 days of water (approx 20 liters) is simply too heavy to carry along with all of the other supplies and equipment. In Antarctica obtaining water was simply a matter of melting snow, that is not an option in the Gobi!


As well as working with the local knowledge of the Mongolians, drone technology was also used. A small DJI Mavic was used to spot animals congregating at water, and to confirm that sightings through binoculars were actually wells. In the open desert the Mavic was able to recce out to more than 7Km without any problems.


The Gobi desert is an incredibly harsh and beautiful place with many different landscapes and environments. Newall will trek through landscapes as different as the Mongolian Steppe and up into the Altai mountains at 8000 ft.

But they are expected to look rather more wintery than in these pictures taken in September during the cycle recce.


Live Tracking & Social Media Updates


During the solo crossing Newall will be carrying a satellite tracker which will update his location on a map every hour, and he will be posting Blog updates every evening (Mongolia is 7 hours ahead of the UK). To Track Newall click InReach image below:

You will also be able to follow the Newalls updates here at:

Escape to Mongolia are assisting Newall with Social media and Mongolian language translations

The Live Tracking and Blog updates will start around the 6th of November when Newall arrives in Mongolia.


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