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Newall grew up in the mountains of Scotland and began climbing in his teens. By his early 20s, he had soloed many of the classic winter routes. After completing a number of successful seasons in the European Alps, including ascents of the Matterhorn, Monta-Rosa, and multiple ascents of Mont Blanc he decided to turn his energies to  a bigger target: the Adventurers’ grand slam- standing on top of the Seven Summits – climbing the highest peak on each of the seven continents and conquering both the North and South Pole.

At the end of June 2016, with a successful ascent of Denali in Alaska, Newall became the first Scot and one of only 15 people to complete the full Adventurers’ Grand Slam. This achievement was featured in the Telegraph, on BBC News and various local BBC radio stations. The highlights of the Grand Slam have been reaching the summit of Everest in 2011, which gained him newspaper recognition, and between November 2014 and February 2015, ski-ing solo from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, becoming the first Scot to solo the South Pole and only the third person ever to solo the Messner route. This gained him national attention, particularly in Scotland and also a nomination for Adventurer of the year, 2016.

Polar explorer, extreme mountaineer, adventurer and remote communications and power expert, Newall also acts as a technical adviser to expeditions including the British Army SPEAR17 Antarctica crossing, the Emma Kelty South Pole 2016/17, Shackleton 2015 Antarctic Expedition, Luke Robertson South Pole 2015/16, and the British Army Ice Maidens who will be attempting a full antarctic crossing 2017/18. He currently volunteers as a technical adviser with the SES (Scientific Exploration Society)  providing technical advice on remote communications, power systems, blogging, tracking and filming.

At home in extreme environments both physically, cognitively and technically, Newall does Inspirational and Technical talks for companies, clubs, and schools and colleges based on his expedition exploits, planning strategies, and through his novel training methods.

Newall is also an Aerial Drone operator specialising in technical filming solutions for extreme sports, expeditions, and in mountainous and remote locations where others won’t go. Newall’s unique combination of experience in extreme environments and in engineering allows him to design systems and overcome the challenges of operating in remote and hostile locations.  Seven Summits Aerial Drone Website


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First Scot & 15th person in the world to complete the Adventurers’ Grand Slam (2016)

Climbed Aconcagua – South America (2003)
Climbed Kilimanjaro – Africa (2004)
Winter Attempt on Denali – North America (2010)
Climbed Everest – Asia (2011)
Military (UK) Coin of Courage (2011)
Reached North Pole (2013)
Cycled across Tibet, Everest base camp, and Nepal (2014)
Reached South Pole (2014-2015)
Climbed Mount Vinson – Antarctica (2015)
Climbed Carstensz Pyramid – Australasia (2015)Climbed Elbrus – Europe (2016)
Nominated Adventurer of the Year 2016
Climbed Denali – North America (2016)




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